Central Regional Cup Tasting Competition

Toronto, St. Lawrence Market, July 6

Cup Tasting Competition is a fun and exciting event.  It showcases the coffee cuppers’ ability to demonstrate their speed, skill and accuracy in distinguishing the taste differences in specialty coffees.

Three participants at a time taste coffees arranged in eight triangle set (groups of three). In each triangle, two cups are identical, one is different. Using skills of smell, taste, memory and concentration, the competitor will try to identify the odd cup in the triangles, in the shortest time possible. After eight minutes, the round stops and the competitor discovers how many correct they have selected, by lifting their selections to reveal whether or not there is a mark on the bottom of the cup.

12 competitors compete in 4 heats (3 competitor s per heat)

Top 3 competitors advance to the final round. Competitor with the most correct selection in the least amount of time wins.


The entry cost per competitor is $25.  To register as a competitor, please email to steve@socialcoffeecompany.com with your name, phone number, company


First place winner will receive $250 and some great coffees

Second place winner will receive $100 and some great coffees

Third place winner will receive $50 some great coffees


You will gain great experience as volunteer, plus there will be goodies and prizes for the volunteers. 

To volunteer please email steve@socialcoffeecompany.com or call Steve at 416-848-0718 X91

Coffees Sponsor

All Coffee Roasters, We would love to get your support for the event.  This is a great event to feature your coffee and your company.   The sponsorship cost is $150 plus two coffees for the competition, 8lb of each coffee.   Please also provide the information and tasting notes for your coffee submitted. For sponsorship please contact  steve@socialcoffeecompany.com or  416-848-0718 x91 with your name, phone number, and company

Bonus event!  Open (to show attendees)  Cup Taster event July 5

Open to all show attendees.  It’s a  fun, casual event, allowing the spectators to participate in the fun.  It will help them acquire the experience for future Cup Tasting Competition.
The format will be the same as the cup taster competition but with 4 set triangulation rather than 8 sets.
There will be some goodies and give away for the participants.  No registration necessary, spaces are limited!