Brewers Cup Championship

The World Brewers Cup is a manual coffee brewing competition. It aims to promote excellence in manual brewing and to highlight the diversity of coffee flavors and brewing techniques.

  • The competition focuses on pour-over, immersion, and batch brewing methods.
  • Competitors are judged on the taste, aroma, and balance of their brewed coffee, as well as their technical skills and presentation.
  • The competition consists of three rounds: preliminary, semi-finals, and finals.
  • Judges evaluate the coffee using the SCA’s Cupping Form

Here is a summary of the past results for Canadian competitors at the World Brewers Cup:

  • In 2012 Anthony Benda placed 4th
  • 2013 Josh Tarlo placed 3rd
  • 2017 Javaid Shah placed 33rd
  • 2019 David Kim placed 17th
  • 2021 Ply Pasarj placed 5th
  • 2022 Ben Put placed 29th
  • 2023 Cole Torode 22nd

2024 Canadian Brewer’s Cup Championship

Feb. 16 – Feb. 18, 2024 at Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Inc.

  1. Kunie Inaba from Swiss Water Decaf
  2. Ply Pasarj from Rogue Wave Coffee
  3. AJ Doell from Eight Ounce Coffee

All Competitors in no particular order:

Josh McKenna Calgary, AB
Lynsey Hayes Edmonton, AB
Amy Chow Vancouver, BC
Aimerance Merveille Montreal, QB
Thibaut Paggen Montreal, QC
Rowan Garleff Calgary, AB
Ply Pasarj Edmonton, AB
Jerry Chan Toronto, ON
Jerome Rosler New Westminster, BC
Calvin Kuo Delta, BC
Kunie Inaba Vancouver, BC
Yuki Saito Vancouver, BC
Florence Vezina Quebec City, QC
Boris Lee Toronto, ON
AJ Doell Calgary, AB
Dylan Morris Lethbridge, AB
Paprik Liu Calgary, AB
Sa Bin Whang Montreal, QC
Rus Chan Richmond, BC
Evgeniia Plehkanova Vancouver, BC
Kobe Fock Calgary, AB
Ben Put Calgary, AB
Tanner Gooding Montreal, QC
Cleo Tsai Toronto, ON

Special Note: No mention that the competition was held at Swiss Water and one of the major sponsors was 8 oz. No conflict of interest?

2023 Canadian Brewer’s Cup Championship

  1. Cole Torode
  2. Jerome Rosler
  3. Paprik Liu
  4. Kunie Inaba
  5. Brandon O’Shea
  6. Josh (Wenxiong) Li

All Competitors in no particular order: Wenxiong Li, Thibaut Paggen,  Caleb Leung, Jill Hoff, Ply Pasarj, Wallace Poon, Kunie Inaba, Brandon O’Shea, Sayaka Saito, Kobe, Cleo Tsai, AJ Doell, Yuki Saito, Lynsey Hayes, Spencer Dunnison, Evgeniia Plekhanova, Jerome Rosler, Florence Vézina, Paprik Liu, Cole Torode, Yingjian Cao, David Kim, Michelle Ocfemia

2022 Canadian Brewer’s Cup Championship

hosted by The Everyday Kitchen in Regina, Saskatchewan from July 16th to 19th, 2022

  1. Ben Put, Monogram Coffee, Calgary
  2. Jerome Rosler, ONA Coffee
  3. Ply Pasarj @rogue_wave_coffee
  4. Paprik Liu
  5. Brandon O’Shea
  6. David Kim

All Competitors in no particular order

  1. Frederica Danzinger
  2. Jerome Rosler
  3. AJ Doell
  4. David Kim
  5. Alora van Diepen
  6. Ply Pasarj
  7. Paprik Liu
  8. Jon Dempsey
  9. Thibaut Paggen
  10. Daniel Walsh
  11. Brandon O’Shea
  12. Rose Trinh
  13. Ben Put
  14. Griffin Reichl
  15. Sarah Tollefson
  16. Jill Hoff

2021 Canadian Brewer’s Cup Championship

cancelled due to COVID

2020 Canadian Brewer’s Cup Championship

  1. Ply Pasarj @rogue_wave_coffee
  2. Griffin Reichi @timbertrain
  3. Santiago Lopez @thecolombianyeg

All Competitors in no particular order

  • Sarah Ball @demellopalheta
  • Santiago Lopez @thecolombianyeg
  • Sabin Whang @tlscoffee
  • Rose Trinh @arvocoffee
  • Rambert Sin @popcoffeeworks
  • Ply Pasarj @rogue_wave_coffee
  • Peter Hernandez @monogramco
  • Max Roderburg @dispatchcoffee
  • Shehzadi Abdul @rogue_wave_coffee
  • Katherine Gao @pilotcoffee
  • Jay Bustin @sinecoffeelabs
  • Griffin Reichl @timbertrain
  • Geraldine Deverly @monogramco
  • Eldric Stuart @harkencoffee
  • Brandon O’Shea @tenfoothenry
  • Boris Lee @hatchcrafted

2019 Canadian Brewer’s Cup Championship

  1. David Kim @nyeongkim
  2. Edmund Keung @movingcoffee
  3. Santiago Lopez @thecolombianyeg
  4. Jon Dempsey @eightouncecoffee
  5. Griffin Reichl @timbertrain
  6. Ply Pasaraj @rogue_wave_coffee

2017 Canadian Brewer’s Cup Championship

  1. Javaid Shah (Phil & Sebastian Coffee) 165.2 points
  2. Ben Put (Monogram Coffee) 164.4 points
  3. Wesley Griffin (Finch on Locke) 163.27 points
  4. Erich Chmiel (Eight Ounce Coffee) 163.19 points

2014 Canadian National Brewer’s Cup Championship

  1. Damien from @capitalspro
  2. Jason from @DetourCoffee
  3. Jordan from @CafeOdessaMtl
  4. Anne Cumby from @cannoncoffeeco


2013 Canadian National Brewer’s Cup Championship

April 20th and 21st, 2013

hosted by Bridgehead in Ottawa

  1. Joshua Tarlo – Pig Iron Coffee Roasters in Mississauga, ON
  2. Damien Zielinski – Capital Espresso in Toronto, ON
  3. Keaton Ritchie – Cafe Myriade in Montreal, QC