2022 Regional Aeropress Championship Results

2022 Vancouver AeroPress Championship

  1. Elcy Espiritu (@elespiritu_)
  2. Jeremiah Macadam (@jer.macadam)
  3. Yuki Saito (@h4yuki_coffee)

2022 Toronto AeroPress Championship

  1. Juan Jaramillo (@onepablojar)
  2. Rodgert Zheng (@rodgert_zheng)
  3. Huamin Chen (@huamin_c)

The 2022 Canadian National Barista Championship Results are in…

  1. Ben Put, Monogram Coffee , Calgary, AB
  2. Nelson Phu, Rosso Coffee Roasters, Calgary, AB
  3. Kunie Inaba, Harken Coffee/ Swiss Water, Vancouver BC

More Canadian results here https://baristacanada.com/competitions/baristachampionship/results/

2022 World Barista Championship Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations for the 2022 World Brewers Cup

New rule sets, scoresheets, and a summary of changes:

2022 Brewer’s Cup Results

July 16th to 19th, 2022

  1. Ben Put, Monogram Coffee, Calgary
  2. Jerome Rosler, ONA Coffee
  3. Ply Pasarj @rogue_wave_coffee

More Canadian results here https://baristacanada.com/competitions/brewerscupchampionship/

Rules & Regulations – World Brewers Cup

The World Brewers Cup Rules & Regulations are updated and released by the WBrC Rules & Regulations Committee prior to this annual event.

2021 World Barista Championship Rules and Regulations

WCE Competitors Code of Conduct

WCE Champions Code of Conduct