2024 Rules & Regulations

In the 2024 World Barista Championship (WBC), there are several rule changes:

  1. Judging: WBC judges must not coach competitors at the event, and any conflicts of interest must be declared. Coaches are not allowed to judge the competition they’re coaching in.
  2. Competition Management: Individuals involved in organizing the competition should not compete in the same year. This rule aims to avoid conflicts of interest.
  3. Espresso: Coffee used in the competition cannot have any additives, flavorings, or perfumes added after reaching the “green coffee” stage. Fertilizers used during cultivation are permitted.
  4. Milk Beverage: Competitors can use plain, commercially available unflavored milks (both plant-based and animal milks), but human milk is not allowed. No additions are allowed to milk.
  5. Tactile Experience: The evaluation of the tactile experience after the coffee has left the mouth is now separate from the aftertaste evaluation.

2023 WBC Rules and Regulations

The Specialty Coffee Association has announced updated rules and regulations for the 2023 World Barista Championship (WBC). The changes include new scoring scales and adjustments to the weighting of categories, competitors can use plant-based or other animals’ milk in the milk beverage course, and they will have the option of brewing their espresso using a range of group head temperatures. The rules document also includes details on the WBC Teams Competition and WBC Team Bar, and the nine station layout options will return in 2023.

2022 Regional Aeropress Championship Results

2022 Vancouver AeroPress Championship

  1. Elcy Espiritu (@elespiritu_)
  2. Jeremiah Macadam (@jer.macadam)
  3. Yuki Saito (@h4yuki_coffee)

2022 Toronto AeroPress Championship

  1. Juan Jaramillo (@onepablojar)
  2. Rodgert Zheng (@rodgert_zheng)
  3. Huamin Chen (@huamin_c)


  1. Jeremiah Macadam
  2. Juan Pablo Jaramillo
  3. Elcy Espiritu


2022 World Barista Championship Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations for the World Brewers Cup

The World Brewers Cup is a manual coffee brewing competition that focuses on the craft of filter coffee brewing. The competition follows specific rules and guidelines for competitors to ensure fairness and consistency in the judging process. New rule sets, scoresheets, and a summary of changes are below.