Raise Awareness for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

This year, 2021 the Canadian Barista Institute has partnered with French Press Coffee RoastersBarista Canada and Keffa Coffee to raise awareness and funds for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in R. Michael Ratcliffe’s name.

Learn More Here https://canadianbaristainstitute.com/blogs/news/in-memory-of-michael-ratcliffe-fundraising

3rd Wave Coffee

Latte art

Reposted with permission from the Canadian Barista Academy:

The early days of the third wave coffee movement were successful ones because third wave cafes were dedicated to brewing quality, fresh coffee and providing a customer experience that was a combination of education, hospitality and speed. But somewhere along the way the third wave coffee movement mutated into what is referred to as the fourth wave coffee movement…

Learn More here: https://canadianbaristainstitute.com/blogs/news/why-the-third-wave-coffee-movement-stalled-how-to-kick-start-it-again

Stephen Morrissey, 2008 World Barista Champion

In the video you will learn what to expect as a competitor and how the competitions are scored. This video is well worth watching to learn from one of the great baristas. Enjoy!