Latte Art Championship

The World Latte Art Championship is an annual competition where baristas from around the world compete to create the best latte art. Competitors are judged on factors such as difficulty, creativity, and overall visual appeal. The winner is crowned the world latte art champion. The competition not only showcases the skill and artistry of baristas, but it also highlights the importance of quality milk, espresso, and other ingredients in creating a great latte.

2024 Canadian Latte Art Competition

April 8, 2024, Enercare Centre Toronto

Competitors in the National Latte Art Championships will create free pour and designer lattes and macchiatos through a series of rounds: Preliminary, Semi-Finals (featuring an Art Bar and a Stage Presentation), and Finals. The winner will represent Canada at the World Latte Art Championships in Copenhagen from June 27-29th.

  1. Arthur Chu
  2. Ehsan Khatib
  3. Debbie Chan

2020 Canadian Latte Art Competition

March 1st to 3rd, 2020 in Toronto, Ontario

1. Nelson Phu from 
2. Venice Vallega from 
3. Anskar Shin
 from @tlscoffee

2019 Canadian Latte Art Competition

February 24 – 26, 2019 at the RC Show @restaurantscanada in the Enercare Centre, Toronto, Ontario

  1. Vivian So @twopercent2
  2. David Kim @nyeongkim @philandseb
  3. Bruce Ly @mineraltoronto

2018 Canadian Latte Art Competition

  1. David Kim @philandseb
  2. Bruce Ly @demellopalheta
  3. Federico Duronio

2015 Canadian Latte Art Competition

Ian Chagunda, from Matchstick Coffee, placed first at the competition and took home the title of 2015 Canadian Latte Art Champion! He will be headed to the World Latte Art Championship to represent Canada, on March 29 to April 1, 2016 in Shanghai, China.

2015 Canadian Latte Art Championship Finalists:

1st place: Ian Chagunda (Matchstick Coffee)

2nd place: Ben Put (Monogram Coffee)

3rd place: Bruce Ly (Neo Coffee)

4th place: Kunie Inaba (Platfom 7)

5th place: Ryan Donglas (Rosso Coffee Roasters)

6th place: Eldric Kuzma (Aubade Coffee)


Baristas compete in Canadian latte art championship in Vancouver

A Canadian barista will vie again in the World Latte Art Championship next spring. The country’s representative will be chosen in a two-day competition on October 4 and October 5 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, a highlight of the Canadian Coffee and Tea Show.

2014 Canadian Latte Art Competition

Congratulations to all Latte Art competitors for making it a great competitive event!

1st Place Winner: Chris Tellez – Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, Toronto

2nd Place Winner: Bruce Ly – VooDoo Child, Toronto

3rd Place Winner: Cole‎ Torode – Rosso Coffee Roasters, Calgary

The winner will receive a Dalla Corte mini single group professional espresso machine valued at $4,250.00 from Dalla Corte E.C.S. Canada,  as well as a Pro M espresso grinder from Mahlkonig valued at $1,595.00

Read More about the 2014 competition here:

1st Canadian Latte Art Championship To Take Place in Toronto

Thanks to the enthusiasm and gusto of the Dalla Corte Espresso Systems team, Canada will host its first latte art championship late this month in Toronto at the Canadian Coffee and Tea Show. Dalla Corte is the celebrated espresso machine sponsor of the competitions around the world.

Canadian Latte Art Championship from Stagnito Business Information on Vimeo.