2011 World Barista Championships – Live from Bogota

Earlier today was the announcement of the semi-finalists for the World Barista Championships, held in Bogota, Colombia.


10, Semi-Finalist, 557.5
11, Semi-Finalist, 547.5
12, Semi-Finalist, 547.5
13, Håkon Kinn, Norway, 541
14, Hide Kono, New Zealand, 540.5
15, AnneStine Bae, Denmark, 538
16, Rob Kettner, Canada, 548.5 – 13 second time penalty = 535.5 

It was that close.

Yesterday, our Canadian Champion Rob Kettner, delivered a performance of 548 points, that would have put him into 11th place and through to the semi-finals amongst the top 12.

But a time violation of 13 seconds, relegated Rob to 535.5 points and 16th place, thus out of the competition.

It hurts to come so close, and it is easy to start all the second guessing, but there is no reason to be disappointed with this result. I’m so proud of Rob and the team.

Against all odds, this small little roaster, Fernwood Coffee, from Victoria BC, packed up practically their entire company to South America… just to do battle on our behalf.

Fernwood managed to claw their way over 37 other countries, and proved that they belonged amongst the best in the world, amidst the high altitude backdrop of Bogota Colombia.

We almost touched the sky.

(Email post from Les from Bogota)

Rules and regulations of competition

Competition rules are available from the World Barista Championship website. Scoresheets are also available at the same page.