March 29, 2007

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The new rules for the 2007 Canadian Regional Championships should be up by now.

Canada was the first country to adopt the 2007 rules, using them in the 2006 National finals in Vancouver, thanks to John Sanders, from Hines/Origins coffee, who snuck us an advanced copy of the rules.

Everyone should read the new rules thoroughly and post your questions to this blog,  but I will give a quick synopsis of some of the major changes.

1. Scoring system changes  Basically the scoresheet has been changed to put less weighting on subjective items such as barista attire, and overall impression, and more emphasis on taste, and technical performance.  I would spell it out in more detail, but I want you all to read the new rules ( evil laugh).

2.  Setting up Judge’s table ahead of time.  Yes, you are now permitted to use a portion of your 15 minute set up time to set up your presentation on the judge’s table BEFORE your routine begins.

Be warned, that if you choose to do this, you will be eating into your warm-up time, so this will be a trade-off you will have to decide on your own.

Competitors however, are not permitted to fill water glasses until the presentation officially starts.

There are more changes, to proper cups, milk waste, etc.  so please read these sections carefully.  Overall, the point total will be less, so scores should be lower on the whole.  However, seeing that this is our third competition held in Toronto, I expect to see scores increase as our East Coast talent gains more experience.