List of competitors for our 2014 CCBC

In no particular order, the following is the list of competitors for our 2014 Canadian Central Barista Championship

  • Adrian Sinclair-Hogg from Planet Bean Cafe- Wyndham location
  • Tomas Morrison from SJCB
  • Clairissa Corbett from Mochaberry Coffee & Co Ltd
  • Laurence Williams from Propeller Coffee Co.
  • Amanda Paquette from Planet Bean Coffee- Grange St. location
  • Brett Johnston from Pilot Coffee Roasters
  • Simon Gilbert from Lit Espresso Bar
  • Vanja Stojanovic from Matter of Taste Coffee Bar
  • Nathaniel Fried from Pilot
  • Eric Mahovlich from Crema Coffee Co.
  • Jon Plett from Detour Coffee Roasters 
  • Alex Young from Detour coffee roasters
  • Paul Jagos from Jimmy’s Coffee
  • Chris Tellez from Working Coffee
  • Gaya Liou from The Coffee Bar Inc
  • Anskar Shin from Snakes & Lattes
  • Joshua Tarlo