Girrl power at the Eastern Regionals…

April 17, 2007

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It was a long day of competition and judging at the Steam Whistle Brewing company.  In the end, it was the women who ruled the day, locking down the top three spots  at the Eastern Canadian Regional Barista Championships in Toronto, Here are the OFFICIAL RESULTS:
1st place:  Kimberly Stavely  ( Matter of taste)                    570.5 pts
2nd place:  Dawn Tran ( Matter of taste)                             540.5
3rd place :  Tie –
Ivonne Ramirez ( Dolce Cafe), Cathy So ( Avenue Cafe’)        516.5
4th place:   Matthew Taylor ( Mercury Organics)                    509
5th place:   Samuel James ( Cherry Bomb)                           452
6th place:   Chris Tellez (Espresso Post)                              444
7th place:   Alex Tran (Mercury Organics)                             434
8th place:   Michael Empacher ( F’coffee)                             338
9th place:   Elias Vlastis ( C.E. Organics)                             313.5
10th place: Chris Wilson ( Journo)                                       161.5
*Disqualified,  over time  Matthew Lee ( Manic Coffee)

Congratulations to all the competitors, for a job well done!   It was great to see the comraderie in the fact of all the intense competition.  A special thanks to all the sponsors, for recognizing how important baristas are to the coffee industry.  Without the coordinated efforts of sponsors, volunteers and suppliers,  this coffee celebration event would not happen. Thanx….   LK