Call for 2014 Regional Hosts!

Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2014

To all prospective Regional Barista Championship Hosts! The 2014 National Canadian Barista Championship will take place at The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show at the International Centre in Toronto, September 28 & 29, 2014. Last year’s host sponsors and local committees did a superb job in hosting and operating the events. The Canadian Barista Regional Sanctioning Committee (SC) hopes again to stimulate local sponsorship and a grassroots enthusiasm for the event by building a solid local foundation of sponsors, volunteers and other invested players.

Once again, we are asking for proposals from organizing committees to host this event. This is necessary to keep this whole process transparent and the events open to all. The bids will be open for all proposals until March 1, 2014. All proposals will be considered by the SC comprised of members of the Canadian Barista Academy, Fulcrum Events, the Coffee Association of Canada and the Canadian Head Judges Committee. The winning regional hosts will be notified by March 14, 2014.

We hope you are interested in again participating in these events. Remember, they can be as simple or elaborate as you make them. They are extremely time and energy rich events and many volunteer hands and hours are required. In this economy we must be wise with our expenditures. Although we must promote and put on a good show, we need to be prudent in deciding where dollars are spent. The purpose is to run a good fair contest. If we need to scale down to fit the budget, then we must do so.

Regardless, the priority for all funds raised must be for the competition.

Other issues such as publicity, advertising, audience experience, prizing, food, beverage, though very important will take a back seat in order to ensure that we have a proper, fair, and competent regional championship that will select winners to the nationals.

We would like to hear from you on your interest in hosting these events for 2014 and timelines. We ask that you form your committees, if you have not already. Please email the attached form by March 1, 2014, along with a budget and marketing plan for the event.

Fulcrum Media Inc.
Claire Kim
Please see this link for the full host agreement.