2014 CNBC List of Competitors

Check it out, here is our strong list of competitors for the Canadian National Barista Championship 2014

Representing the Prairies (PRBC):

Ben Put from Monogram Coffee

Cole Torode from Rosso Coffee Roasters

Andreas Adams from Rosso Coffee Roasters

Aimee Ferguson from Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Representing Eastern Canada (ERBC):

Keaton Ritchie

Liam Robichaud from Pourquoi-Pas Espresso Bar

David Lalonde from Tunnel Espresso

Jean-Daniel Lajoie from Brulerie de café de Québec

Representing Western Canada (WRBC):

Cole Trepanier from 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

CJ Yang from 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

Edmond Keung from Moving Coffee

Stacey Lynden from Stir Coffee House

Representing Central Canada (CCBC):

Chris Tellez from Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Joshua Tarlo from Reunion Island Coffee Roasters

Nathaniel Fried from Pilot Coffee Roasters

Jon Plett from Detour Coffee Roasters

This is an amazing list of coffee professionals representing specialty coffee in Canada. Come cheer them on and celebrate the specialty coffee culture of Canada!

This year the Canadian National Barista Competition is September 28th & 29th at The International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario.

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