Live Finals for Top Latte Artist Coming Soon

Congratulations Sua for finishing 1st and winning $1,500 in the online qualifier for the Top Latte Artist in Vancouver! WOW

The Top 16 qualifiers will compete for another $2,500 at the Live Finals,  September 21st, 630pm at The NEW Kafka’s Coffee Shop by Emily Carr University

Each competitor will be filmed live by Starbeat. You can watch and vote here or see it live at Kafka’s!

Different from the online qualifier, there will be 4 expert judges. These expert judges and your votes will determine who will be champion. You can follow along and vote here.  

Top 16 Qualifiers

  1. Sua Hong from Nemesis Coffee  who wins $1,500 !
  2. Arisa Fukuhara from Hey Happy Coffee wins a $800 Voucher from Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy for their “Opening a Coffee Business” course.
  3. Lauren de Silva from Propaganda Coffee  wins a beautifully hand-crafted Reg Barber Coffee Tamper !
  4. Misaki Yoshihara from Cafe Mira
  5. Cole Trepanier from Nemesis Coffee
  6. Luka Kawabata
  7. Yasmien Khan from Nemesis Coffee
  8. Stephaine Ng from Fresh Cup Roastery
  9. Kazuma Go from Great Dane Coffee.
    1. Replacement for Kazuma is Clement Ip from Propaganda Coffee  
  10. Gavin Tong from Rocanini
  11. Kunie Ibana from Platform 7 
  12. Kyoung Jun Min
  13. Yoyo Li from Rocanini
  14. Daniel Chang from his own home 
  15. Hitomi Fukuda from Propaganda Coffee
  16. Remi Ho from Origo Club

Tickets and more info coming soon.

For more info follow Starbeat on instagram  / facebook

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