2009 in a nutshell..

August 8, 2009

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Where to begin?  So much has happened this past year, and we’re just BEGINNING our 2009 competition season.

Sammy Piccolo… came out of retirement, knocked off the rust in the Canadian Nationals last November in Montreal…  then did us proud by losing a squeaker to those brits…  Silver Medal!!

This makes Sammy the most decorated barista ever… three silvers and a bronze, in four events gives him the highest slugging percentage ever.

I was lucky enough to be allowed behind the scenes in Sammy’s training for Atlanta this year.   Usually I only relegate myself to doing some trial judging of Sammy’s performance in the weeks prior to the competition, as I always tried to maintain a separation from baristas I might judge in the future.

But this year I decided to step away from the judging circles and let the new crop of WBC certified judges take the lead.  This allowed me to going into the Sammy Piccolo/ Artigiano inner sanctum, and I got to see first hand how a champion trains for competition.  I accompanied Team Piccolo to Atlanta, and got so wrapped up in things that I missed the meeting with WBC hemisphere coordinator Roukiat Delrue  (Sorry Roukie!!)

Maybe we can get Sammy to do an article for the blog about the run to Atlanta ( subtle hint)

Atlanta could be a whole book by itself.  It was a great weekend.

Speaking of great weekends, I just came back last month from the first regional this year, the Central , held at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.

Despite a tight schedule, an uncooperative macbook, some sound issues, bandwidth issues it was a highly competitive event.  Judges, baristas, volunteers all worked to put on the best contest possible, culminating in a victory by Chris Tellez of Espresso Post in Collingwood.

Chris showed he was the most polished ( and the most practised , based on the after comments of the competitors), so he definitely deserved the crown.

His espresso shone well on the cool green WBC competition Aurelias,  as he cruised in just ahead of  Sam James  of the soon-to-be opened Sam James Coffee House, and Momiji Kishi of Dark Horse Espresso, both in Toronto.

Fellow Torontonians, Ivonne Ramirez of Dolce Gelato & Cafe, and Adam Vrankulj of Grinder, placed 4th and 5th respectively, and will be entered in the wildcard draw of all 4th and 5th placed finishers for one of four wildcard spots available at the nationals in Vancouver. Good luck!

The place was packed to capacity which means we have outgrown it. This is a good thing.

Okay.. that’s it for now,  just a reminder for those in the East and West, if you haven’t registered for your regional competitions yet, DO IT NOW!!!! NOW!!!

We will be closing off registration very soon.



Ying and Yang heart..